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In the course of daily living, many things can happen to cause children to experience fear, anxiety, sadness, or anger. These feelings when left unresolved, can fester and do severe damage to their emotional and physical well-being.

Most children have difficulty talking about their anxieties- they need help in learning how to express and release them. We, as parents and teachers, can give them the help they need. We can empower our children so they can successfully cope with the stress of daily living and experience a sense of well-being.

Our brains are the processing centers for all our thoughts, ideas, experiences, and feelings. When it is time for handwritten communication, our brain sends neuro-muscular impulses to our hand. Our hand moves the pen to record the feelings, thoughts, and ideas that our brain wishes to express. Every handwritten message can show and tell a writer's inner feelings at the time the pen is applied to paper.

Unlike typewritten messages where every letter is mechanically stamped by an inanimate (unthinking and unfeeling) machine, handwritten messages are personally inscribed. These inscriptions reveal the writer's inner feelings at the time his pen is applied to paper.

I believe that handwritten communication is the way to get in touch with inner feelings of anger, fear, sadness, love, joy, and hope- it is The Write Way.


Regardless of the writing style originally learned, every individual develops his, or her, own unique writing style (handwriting) that is as identifiable as fingerprints.

Your handwriting can reveal what your personality strengths, thinking patterns, and emotional state of mind were at the time you created any handwritten document.

The chance of two people having the identical writing pattern is one in sixty-eight trillion.




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