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Learning to See What a Child's Handwriting Shows and Tells


This is a resource manual that covers the basic concepts of graphology and teaches educators, counselors and psychologists how to identify fear, depression and anger in a child’s handwriting.

The manual includes writing exercises that can be used to counteract those feelings.

Table of Contents includes:

  • The basic concepts of graphology (handwriting analysis)
  • The write way to accurately and objectively evaluate a child's emotional growth and energy level.
  • How to identify childhood fears and the defense strategies that are used when a child attempts to deal with real or imagined fears.
  • How to recognize the signs of childhood depression.
  • How to recognize the signs of anger.
  • How to identify a child's learning style for processing information.
  • How to teach the esteem team letter shapes that can empower a child to feel confident and socially comfortable, achieve realistic goals, be an effective communicator,and improve learning, listening and observational skills.
  • The write way to build a child's self confidence - Simple Script - A positive primary learning experience.
  • The Write Way To Feel Good About Yourself - A manual that shows and tells a pre-teen/adolescent the write way to release feelings of anger, fear, and sadness, raise one's self esteem, and increase the miles of smiles in one's life.



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