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The Write Way to Help Worries and Fear Disappear


Worry, doubt, and fear about future events usually causes us to ask, "What if ?"
"What if he or she doesn't like me? What if I don't get the raise? What if I fail the test?

Whenever you find yourself in that kind of situation, write a WASTE list - a Worried, Anxious, Stressful, Tense Emotion list.
List all the "What ifs" you are afraid will happen.
1. What if _____________________________.
2. What if _____________________________.
Now, change the words "What if" to "Even if" and complete the statement with positive thoughts.

"What if I were to make a mistake?" becomes "Even if I were to make a mistake, I am not a failure. I'm okay because I choose to believe that I have the inner strength to deal with whatever will come to be"

Include at least two positive responses for each "what if" situation.
1. Even if... _____________________________.
2. Even if... _____________________________.

You'll find that by focusing on writing your "even if" statements, much of the present worry and fear will be relieved. And, if you save your list and refer to it a month later, you'll most likely find that many of your "What ifs" never happened



It's a waste of energy to worry about things that may never happen.

It's impossible to predict the future.

It's important to deal with one day at a time.

Believing that you can deal wtih whatever happens is the key to feeling confident, comfortable, and secure




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