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Children learn, from their parents and teachers, how to deal with their feelings.
Writing exercises can, and do, reduce emotional stress and physical tension. Writing letters and making daily journal entries are the best ways to get rid of anxious, sad, or angry feelings.

The following exercises, excerpted from my book The Joyful Journey to Positive Parenting, will help you deal with your own emotional stress so that you can successfully help your children and students relieve their angry, anxious, and sad feelings by working along with them as they do these same exercises.

√ The Write Way to Help Worries and Fear Disappear

√ The Write Way to Get Rid of Angry Feelings

√ The Write Way to Relieve Sadness

√ Say "I Can"

√ The Write Way to Enrich Your Life

Encourage your children to do their writing before going to sleep; This allows the body and mind to relax, rest comfortably, and recharge itself with positive energy.

Spend the first 20 minutes of each day creating a stress-free environment that will optimize a child's ability to listen and learn. It's "Share a Smile Time" for recording, reading and sharing happy thoughts.
This routine requires no additional funding and does not place any additional burden on you. What is written does not require correcting or grading.


Every child needs a PAL- a Patient, Attentive Listener- to provide encouragement, and reassurance.

Children need to know by words and actions that they are loved, for love is a powerful healing energizer. Love dissolves anger, dissipates fear, generates confidence and instills trust.

Love positively energizes the mind, body, and spirit.


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