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Rhyming Riddles and Tons of Tongue Twisters for Miles of Smiles


Rhyming Riddles celebrates the healing power of smiles and laughter to relieve stress and positively energize the mind, body and spirit.

A fun way to sharpen communication skills, the book, which includes 106 original rhyming words and riddles and 189 original tongue twisters from A to Z, is for readers of all ages. It provides a fun way, through reading or listening, to relieve sress and to feel good.

For speech pathologists who provide speech and communication services for children, Rhyming Riddles is a fun way to improve/correct children's speech or language disorders and bring miles of smiles into their lives. The book is an entertaining approach to articulation drills, cognitive development, metalinguistic awareness, problem solving, and rehabilitation. It is an ideal modality for positive reinforcement and carryover since the child will enjoy repeating the rhymes, riddles, and tongue twisters to friends and family.






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