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Winning Ways to Relieve Stress and
Increase Positive Energy Power (PEP)


A stress-management guide that illustrates how foods, colors and specialized handwriting exercises can effect a change in you- a change that will help you to develop confidence, self-fulfillment and a positive outlook on life.

Table of Contents includes:

  • The impact of emotional stress on the mind and body and the stress reducers to boost the immune system.
  • How to recognize the signs of emotional stress - anger, resentment, fear, and sadness - in one's behavior and handwriting
  • The write way to handle emotional stress
  • The write way to a positively energized self image and belief system.
  • The esteem team letter shapes and handwriting exercises that show and tell that a writer is a confident, effective communicator.
  • The basics for effective communication and satisfying relationships.
  • The essential nutrients that supply the chemical energy to boost the body's immune system and provide a sense of physical well-being.
  • How to effectively relieve emotional stress by accentuating the positive energy of color in one's surroundings, in the food that one eats, and in the clothes that one wears.
  • The power of sound energy to relieve emotional stress and physical tension.
  • The positively energized thoughts that empower one to successfully cope with the stress and tensions of daily living.



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